Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Raghuram G Rajan - Financial Sector Reforms
Madhava Menon - Reforming Crimininal Justice System
Justice Malimath - Reforms in Justice System
Nanavati Mehra - Godhra Train
V S Banerjee - Godhra Rail Fire
Srikrishna - Bombay Riots
Liberhan - Babri Masjid
Jas Raj - Gujjair
Barsal - Gujjar Violence
Sam Piroda - National Knowledge Commission
Sachar - Social Economic and Educational Status of Muslims
Rangarajan - Finanacial Inclusion
Mehra Panel - Sub-quota within SC Quota (Madiga Community, AP)
RK Raghavan - Ragging
Valliathan - Functioning of AIIMS
Ranganath Mishra - Religious and Lingustic Minorities
Arjun Sengupta - Unorganised Sector
Mashelkar - Patent Law, Fuel
P Rama Rao - review DRDO
Shinglu - Narmada Displaced
C Rangarajan - Development of J&K
Pathank - Food for Oil
Jeevan Reddy - Armed Forces (Special Provisions act of Manipur)
KP Narasimhan - Law on Insurance
Iqbal Ahmed Sardari - Office of Profit
KT Thomas - Damage to Public Property, Leaders of the group liable for Damage
Fali S Nariman - Media Coverages on Bandhs
Kishore Chadra Deo - Cash For Vote Scandal
Renke - Consession to Denotified Tribes
BK Chaturvedi - Oil & Natural Gas Sector
JK Irani - Companies Bill 2008
MM Punchi - Centre State Relations
Pranab Mukerjee - Pay scale of Defence Personnel
Abid Hussain - Small Scale Industries
Naresh Chandra - Development of Aviation sector
Amit Mitra - FM Radio
Goiporia - Consumer Service Importance
Hanumant - Fertilizers
Abijit Sen - Food , Relation between Inflation and Futur Trading
Tapapore - Capital Account Covertibility
Percy Mistry - Fuller Account
Lindgon - Student Election Reforms
Soli Sarobjee - Police Reforms
Narasimhan - Banking Reforms
Prabir Sen Gupta - Raksha Udyog Ratna
Rajamannar - Centre State Relations (By TN)


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